Explore the differences between a peaceful community and a community in conflict. Ask:

Reflecting on your experience

  • What are the behaviors in a peaceful community and in a community in conflict?
  • What are the components of a peaceful community and of a community in conflict?

Make a list on the board by drawing two columns, one for peace and one for conflict. Ask the participants to brainstorm ideas for each column.

Now ask the participants to make a mind map of a peaceful community and a community in conflict.

Each participant writes the words ‘a peaceful community’ or ‘a community in conflict’ in the middle of a piece of paper. After this they draw several lines outwards and attached to those they draw several smaller lines. On each line, they write or draw a picture that represents different aspects of a peaceful community or a community in conflict, depending on which concept they have selected to mind map.

Ask several participants to present their mind maps.

Before the participants leave ask them to think about one aspect of their behavior or one thing they do every day that can contribute to a peaceful community. Participants can share their experiences in the next meeting.