Ask the participants to think about situations where someone is being disrespected. Ask them how the person who is disrespected usually responds.


  • What are the immediate consequences of responding to disrespect with aggressive language?
  • What about the long-term consequences?
  • What happens when disrespect is met with positive language?

Discuss with participants ways of responding to disrespect with language that is firm and clear, yet not aggressive. Give some examples. Explain that it is a good idea to respond to disrespect by using sentences like “I feel_________when you do_________because________” By letting the other person know how you feel you are teaching them about the effects of respect, and once they understand this they might not be so inclined to disrespect you again.

Ask participants to find a partner and come up with some scenarios where someone does something that is disrespectful (like name calling, gossiping etc.) Ask them to role play two situations:

  • 1. Act out a situation where disrespect is responded to with aggressive language and behavior. Demonstrate the consequences with a drama.
  • 2. Act out the same situation but this time show the person who is receiving the disrespect (or is being disrespected) responding with language that is firm, clear and not aggressive. Demonstrate what happens when the person who is being disrespected explains how they feel.
  • 3. Present the drama to the group.

If you have a large group you might like to save time by dividing the group into groups of four, that way there will be less presentations.

Role Playing

You can include role playing in any of the chapters. Role playing helps participants to develop empathy and have a deeper understanding of how to behave in a way that is guided by positive values. It is also a way for participants to teach their peers. Participants can come up with their own ideas of scenarios once you have given them a prompt. Or you might like to identify a problem related to a certain topic and choose the setting; define the characters and their backgrounds; and how a problem is going to be solved.