Tell the group that they are each going to be doing a research project. Ask participants to select an aspect of a religion or culture in Sri Lanka, which is different to their own. They might select the dress of that tradition, the meaning of the festivals celebrated in that religion or their houses of worship.

Once the participants have selected the aspect of another culture or religion that they want to investigate, have them write a few sentences explaining what they want to discover. They can start writing by completing the following sentence: ‘I’m curious to know about…………..because…………’ Following this each participant can write a short list of questions that they might like to ask in their research.

For homework, instruct participants to interview people from the other culture or religion or people who know about the different traditions. They might also be able to research in books or on the internet.

In the next meeting ask them to explain their findings in a one page poster with words and pictures. Put the posters on the wall or in public places for everyone to see.