Read this story to the group:

Harshan is new in the community – he just moved to the area. When he needs to go shopping, he walks to the marketplace in bare feet. Every day he is miserable. On the way to the marketplace, there are always some young men that follow him and tease him. They tell him that he looks stupid. They tease him about his hair and his clothing. One day, Manura, the leader of the young men that have been teasing Harshan, begins to push Harshan as he walks out of the marketplace with a box of food. Manura is pushing Harshan so hard that he is about to drop his box of food in a puddle. There are other participants around, bystanders, they do not do or saying anything to help, they only watch. This happens almost every time Harshan goes to the marketplace. Harshan feels so upset and wants to cry, but he doesn’t. He worries that if he shows that he is upset this will make it worse.

Ask participants to imagine what it might be like to be Harshan:

  • How do you think he is feeling?
  • Help the participants name the feelings that Harshan might be having.

Ask participants to image what it might be like to be one of the bystanders.

  • How do you think the other kids who are watching might be feeling?
  • Help the participants name the feelings that the bystanders might be having.

Join participants into groups of four. Instruct them to talk about the story and in two or three sentences describe what the bystanders might do to help Harshan.

Back in the large group, have a representative from each small group read out the two or three sentences explaining what the bystanders could do.