Explore understanding and concepts of tolerance through discussion. Ask:

  • Does anyone know what tolerance means?

List key words or points from participants on the board. Once you have heard the participant’s ideas about tolerance, say tolerance is defined as:

“A fair and objective attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, or the like, differ from one’s own.” (source: http://www.dictionary.com)

Compare the dictionary definition with the participant’s definition. Check to see if anything needs to be added to the participant’s definition. Have the group agree on a definition and write it on a poster to be put up on the wall.

Discuss the following with the group:

  • Tolerance is said to be a necessary component for peace.
  • What is the relationship between peace and tolerance?
  • Can you think of examples where there is a relationship between conflict and intolerance?

Based on the examples of conflict just provided, discuss with the participants what factors triggered the conflict. Then ask what have been the consequences of the conflict, both materially and on people?