A code of conduct is a set of agreed upon guidelines that outline how people should behave for a particular purpose.

Divide the participants into small groups. In this activity, participants will use their understanding of cooperative language and behavior to work together to create a code of conduct. This code will determine how to keep the youth club or community peaceful and safe.

In developing the code of conduct, invite the groups to use only positive language.

For example, rather than writing: ‘Don’t use nasty words to describe other people’, the group could write: ‘Please use peaceful and respectful language to describe other people.’ Overall, they should seek an outcome that embodies respect for others and inclusiveness.

Once they have finished, they can swap their codes of conduct with other groups and ask for feedback. Facilitate a discussion on the codes of conduct, ask:

  • How did you feel when you read the codes of conduct from other groups?
  • Are there things that you would like to change? Why?
  • Would anyone like to share their experience of this exercise? What helped the group to cooperate?
  • Did you enjoy cooperating?

When participants are involved in making up the rules or code of conduct, they learn responsibility and feel respected. They are also more likely to follow the rules if they have made them up!