Peace, conflict and violence are commonly used terms in the modern world and none of these states are alien to any of us.

The objective of this activity is to explore the meaning and differentiate between these three terms with the information we receive on a daily basis.

  • Divide the large group into three subgroups.
  • Name the groups: Peace, Conflict and Violence.
  • Request the groups to only focus on the subject given to them in terms of the group name.
  • Provide each group a flip chart paper and old newspapers.
  • Request participants to read articles and skim through pictures related to the topic and extract relevant headlines, articles or pictures related to make a collage.
  • Request two members from each group to present the findings.
  • Why did the group think that the headlines, articles and pictures were related to the subject?
  • Are there any overlaps between the groups? If so why?
  • Were the headlines accurate or misleading to the content and the actual incident?
  • Was the news reporting unbiased and impartial?
  • Optional: Do you think headlines, articles and pictures provided the facts, or a propaganda? Please explain why.
  • Optional: Do you think headlines, articles and pictures have an impact to instill peace, conflict and violence in the community? Do you have any experiences to share?