Love and compassion are necessities. Without them humanity cannot survive. But, being compassionate is a challenging ideology when we feel cheated or being manipulated. Often, we feel that people take our empathy or compassion for granted. Sometimes, people present us with manipulative or false information to simulate the feeling of compassion in us for their benefit.

The objective of this activity is to explore how we could remain compassionate, especially during challenging situations.


Option 1 - Use a video clip that would display a situation where compassion is compromised due to misinformation or disinformation. Request participants to put themselves in that situation, where their compassion is misused or compromised.

Option 2 - Request participants to reflect on a situation where their compassion was misused or compromised due to misinformation or disinformation.

  • Why was your compassion compromised during this situation?
  • How did you feel when you realized you were provided with misinformation or disinformation and your compassion was misused?
  • Optional: Should we lose, or limit, our compassion because others might take advantage out of it?
  • Optional: Looking back at the situation do you think there is a better solution?
  • How can we go back to a compassionate solution despite being in these challenging conditions?