Misinformation and disinformation have the potential to damage personal and community relationships, thereby having a serious effect on how we cooperate with others. World Café provides an opportunity to explore ideas and suggestions on a focused topic in a facilitated environment. World Café is a way of applying good practice to listening and giving our opinion when working in a group. It is also a technique for generating details or clarity on ideas, in order to reach collective solutions.

The objective of this activity is to understand causes, impacts and mitigation of misinformation and disinformation.

  • Write the following questions on three separate flip charts;
  • Group A: Causes - What gives rise to misinformation or disinformation?
  • Group B: Impact - What are the impacts of misinformation or disinformation on cooperation?
  • Group C: Mitigation - What can be done to minimize the spread of misinformation or disinformation that hinders cooperation?
  • Display the three flip charts to the participants on three separate tables.
  • Appoint a table host to each group, who will remain stationed at the table throughout the activity.
  • Invite participants to walk around and read the three questions and pick their preferred table.
  • Ask participants to brainstorm on the question within their chosen group.
  • Instruct the table host to note down all the ideas and suggestions given by the group members on the flip chart.
  • Inform participants that they are required to change the groups every 10 minutes when the facilitator requests so.
  • Continue the process until everyone had the opportunity to share ideas in all three groups.
  • Instruct the table host to display the flip chart and summarize what was been discussed to the larger group.
  • What are the examples or personal experiences where misinformation or disinformation affected cooperation between people?
  • Optional: Can misinformation or disinformation be circulated with a good intention? What are such examples?
  • Can misinformation or disinformation create positive outcomes? What are such examples?
  • Can cooperation counter misinformation or disinformation?